“Why am I taking this Class”

One thing that must change in higher education is the system of “only in-depth lecturing on a certain topic” in a class. I have often taken class, where a teacher teaches each topic of the class. Teacher teaches clearly, everything is understandable but they forget to indicate why they are teaching it, how that is relevant to the real world problems or how it can contribute to my body of knowledge. It also remains unexplained at times how that class is connected or useful for the other classes in my department or outside department. Thus it is really important for each student to get these answers to fully understand the topic.
The teachers can use the technology in class to answer these questions. At the minimum teachers can use related videos or animations or pictures to make students understand the concept as well as why it is important. Teachers can design simple real world problems and guide them through the process to solve it. Then they can show how that problem can get bigger and complex in real life. Teachers can use the idea of concept map to show the connections between the content taught in that class and how it is related to the other classes in their field and also other fields.
These are some of my thoughts but I encourage more thought and solutions on this problem.

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