Technology helps balance life

Our life can be visualized as a polygon where each side is facing different audience and their different expectations. To broadly classify there are at-least two sides of everyone’s life: the professional life and the personal life. Again, we as a person we have several goals. I think balancing the way we deal with our different sides of our life is a crucial strategy for being happy and focused in life, which can help us in attaining the goals. Technology can be efficiently used in the purpose to improvise our strategies and do multi-tasking.

As mentioned in the article “The Myth of the disconnected life”, that technology have helped us make connection and communication easier that was had never been imagined before. These technologies like smartphones and google may distract you for some purpose but still it has the capability of making your life smoother and making it more balanced.

For example, on a particular day, I had to finish my conference paper. So a part of my mind is working for the paper in US and part of it is thinking that I need to call my mom in India, because she is waiting for my call for the entire day. And making call to mom can take way a part of my time and I can also get distracted with a long conversation. Now, with the free international messaging system I can just write to her, that I am fine and being busy with work. This does not take away too much time, do not distracts me from the work, help me to be focused in what I am doing and ultimately helping me to move towards my goal. On the other hand my mom’s expectation of receiving a word from me also gets fulfilled. Therefore, this helps me in balancing my personal life along with my professional life. Again, similarly if a manager in a company is attending a social gathering for a friend’s marriage, he/she can enjoy the ceremony at the same time if his/her office desperately needs him/her for some help, he/she can quickly contact through phone/skype to offer them the help. The work in the office will not stop, since the manger is enjoying a marriage ceremony. Earlier, when these technologies were not available, the officers would have to wait for the manager to return and help precede the work. But this waste of time does not occur in today’s world. Thus, in both cases technology through distracts you little from the world you are paying attention to, still it helps balances your life.
What is your opinion for this idea?

One thought on “Technology helps balance life”

  1. I think technology can be a double edged sword regarding balancing our lives. Yes, it has made our lives easier in many ways, especially concerning instant communication. In the teaching arena, it allows us to extend the teaching environment beyond the classroom. However, it requires a good amount of self control to avoid all those tools from taking over your time. The instant reward of technology (instant messaging, email, video sharing, etc.) has certainly an addictive component. How much of our time every day is spent reading useless emails, forwards or newsletters? Sure, in the past, probably a lot of productive time at work was spent just chatting with you workmates, but at least those were face-to-face interactions. Despite all the enormous benefits of today’s technology, I am a bit nostalgic of the olden days when we had no cell phone and internet.

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