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Disruptive Technology is defined as a technology that replaces an present technology and changes the existing industry to make a completely new industry. For example PC has replaced typewriters and changed the way we now work and communicate. Now the question is whether disruptive technology like social media is embraced by faculty in Higher Education or not?
I found an interesting Report “Teaching, Learning, and Sharing: How Today’s Higher Education Faculty Use Social Media” produced by Pearson Learning Solutions and Babson Survey Research Group. They surveyed about 3431 faculties who teach in any higher Education institutes, among which 1920 responded. They used stratified sampling to include all teaching faculties: fulltime, part-time, tenured, non-tenured, tenure track or adjunct. They wanted to find out how higher education faculty use social media and how often they use it for their personal, in-class or professional activities. The report presents the detailed analyzed results that can be found in http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED535130.pdf.
Overall, It was seen that faculty in higher education were big users of social media sites. Over three quarters have visited social media sites. 90% of the faculty use social media for their professional life: either for teaching purpose or for academic life outside classroom. It was also seen that Facebook was the most popularly used social media while You Tube comes next. The survey data also says that nearly two-third of the faculty use social media in their class sessions like showing videos, posting resources reading assignments, etc. The faculties are aware of the security issues, but still embrace social media and thinks that it is a valuable tool for teaching and collaboration across institutes and countries.

2 thoughts on “Faculty Usage of Social Media”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. While I have enjoyed my blogging experience these last few months, I am uncertain I will use social media sites in the classroom. Many students feel uncomfortable when their professors oblige them to open or use accounts as part of school assignments, or even when they are asked to check for homework there. I’ll probably stick with university-sponsored software like Scholar. I guess I’m the odd man out, or “the 10%” 🙂

  2. Dbasu- Thank you for your thoughts and information on social media and faculty. I have mixed emotions about using social media with as a faculty member. It really all comes down to which sources they use. I know faculty who tell their students to not use wikipedia and then the faculty member goes and uses it them self. So, I think social media can be used and integrated in a positive way, I think it just needs to be done professionally and carefully.

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