Advances in Engineering Education: An Open Access Journal

Advances in Engineering Education(AEE) is open access journal published by American society of Engineering Education(ASEE) under the editorship of Larry J. Shuman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh. AEE aims to disseminate innovative practices in engineering education to a bigger audience with the creative use of multimedia. A peer reviewed AEE journal is archived online.

The AEE journals can include significant contributions in the field of course development, curricular design, instruction and pedagogy, assessment and evaluation and other engineering teaching practices inside and outside the class that are based on proven learning theories.  Authors can support their text with additional videos, animations and graphics to help understand their content to the reader.

Complete papers are published as full article by AEE while work in progress papers are published as educational briefs. AEE articles complement the existing Journal of Engineering Education.

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