Time and Space and Eggs

This comic was fascinating last read in our workshop. The “make” to share how time manifests in my world reveals my “old media” tendencies and dedications.

From the images I hope to reveal that time and space collide in my world– time becomes the ticking of a timer (often I set two at once…) and time becomes as actual object, similar to the way text can be understood to be an object. Time occupies space. I try to manage time in the most productive ways possible… the end result is “rope-like” as alluded to in McCloud. In doing this post I found that not only do I study musics impact, but I am surrounded and sensitive to sound… the cadence of the keyboard and the ticking of “the egg” are crucial to my understanding of time. Sound helps me to better measure the spaces I am in and feel as if I have some control over the movement of time.




These lists are what I try to “time”and the linear way I write them reminded me of the cartoons and their manipulation of space and time.

In music, Accutron watches are popular among bluegrass musicians. They are perfect… able to maintain and sustain a perfect temporal measure, one that performers can trust. Through this materiality one can make the conceptual leap that time becomes a member of the band, an agent in the process. This can be applied to the worlds we occupy and the spaces we create with our research.

nmss4When I think of our relationship to time in a larger context, I think of the 1987 film that changed my views on labor perhaps more so than time… if you haven’t seen it, here’s The Price of Life:

thank you for a wonderful semester!


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