creating a teaching philosophy

First, let me share what I have compiled, and then speak to this process… which is not easy.

Under “teaching” you can find my teaching philosophy in it’s current form– a form I am sure will change as I grow in the classroom.

To create my teaching statement/philosophy I looked to the guidelines provided, but I also searched through archives belonging to institutions I admire and teachers I hope to resemble as instructors. I have found that this process is beneficial for a few reasons:

1. It offers students an intimate introduction to the teacher as a learner

2. Philosophy’s or statements keep professors/instructors (somewhat) accountable to their students and their selves as learners,

3. The role within the classroom is defined– the instructors and the students, and the task of teaching is placed in the foreground

While these may be far too creative for many folks in GEDI, I found the faculty pages at Goddard very helpful. As an undergraduate there we would read faculty statements and then choose who we would work with for the following year. To read some examples please follow this link:


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