Rostov Veliky

Rostov Veliky is a town in the West of Russia along Lake Nero. The town is located Northeast of Moscow, and attracts tourist around the world with its ancient and lasting architecture. Such as the building below, a “very old stone building in the garden of the Rostov Kremlin, which according to legend, was used as a bathhouse in the Rostov Archbishop’s house” ( Many houses such as these had shops on the first floor and living areas on the second floor, for common merchants and their families. During the 12th -13th centuries, within the city, “the construction of stone buildings was actively carried out. A large library was soon created to shelter the flourishing original literary work. Rostov quickly emerged as one of the richest and largest cities of the ancient Russia, and became known as Rostov the Great” ( The city was also one of the first in Russian history to embrace Christianity. It quickly became a hub for Russian Orthodox Christians.




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