California Common

Style- California Common (Steam Beer) – Dry Hopped

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Partial Mash
5 gallons
OG: 1.053
FG: 1.014
ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 30 Tinseth

The mash:
4lbs- 2-row

4 lbs Light DME

Hops (boil):
1 oz Northern Brewer @ 60 minutes

Wyeast 2112 – California Lager

Dry Hops (Select a version):
To add 5-7 days before bottling
Version 1 (Brotherhood Steam):
1.5oz Citra
1oz Nelson Sauvin

Version 2:
1oz Nelson Sauvin
1oz Mosaic
1oz Simcoe

Version 3:
2oz Nelson Sauvin
2oz Simcoe

This is my ‘House’ recipe. Its a simple recipe that always yields excellent results. Minus the dry hops, this makes a great Anchor Steam Clone. The addition of the dry hops brings it more into line with my favorite from Anchor, Brotherhood Steam. I experiment with the dry hop charge and the above 3 versions represent my favorites. The key (if you plan to adjust the dry hopping) is Nelson Sauvin– its indispensable as part of the dry hop regiment. Version 1 is the closest contemporary to Brotherhood Steam fwiw.

Note:For those doing partial boils, this should fit in a 3gal+ kettle with about 2gal of water. The OG assumes pretty bad mash efficiency 55%(good for noobies).

Basic Partial Mash instructions: Heat water to around 160F. Add grain in a grain bag and maintain temp range between 145-155 as steadily as possible for 45 minutes to an hour or until conversion. Pull the bag and let drain. Then proceed as normal.


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