So, whilst in class numero du, I think that Dr. C and Dr. Fowler said some interesting/thought-provoking things. I guess this’ll just be a continuing list of those types of things. If they make it to full blog status, I’ll put a “*” by them so we all know they graduated and have moved on the better things.

Also, I’m evidently sometimes too lazy to note who these came from…so I can’t give credit to all these golden nugs, but I will when I remember.

1. “We’ve all been schooled” — Fowler

2. “Make them [students] own the knowledge” — Fowler

3. I’ve never agreed that a syllabus should be a contract (Dr. C)

4. There will be time for all the rest of what we should do or believe we should do in school. Blogging is a time for something else.

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