PBL: Lost in the forest…

I’m still feeling a little apprehensive about PBL. Brandon’s blog was especially helpful to, as he put it, lift the fog a little bit, but I’m still overwhelmed with the details of applying PBL. I want to try it, but I’m afraid to take it to far too fast. I was wondering if it’s common to start out slow – with little projects that the students can tackle only in class like 1x/every other week or when you work example problems in class, make that a flipped class scenario. What I found was that a little surprising, so I’d like to add one more misconception to Brandon’s list that sort of expands on his point 3.

3a. PBL has to be gone for all or none. Nope. Not at all. I read a few blogs about people that test the waters only doing 1-2 short PBL sessions/semester to get their feet wet before the embark into the full depth of multiple week or even multiple class period.

This makes me feel better.

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  • huntingmaddness says:

    Thank you, I too was feeling a little apprehensive about jumping into PBL. It is nice to see that it is something you can ease into. I am not sure that I had ever worried about jumping all the way in; I had always planned to ease myself in, but it is very supporting to know I am not alone!

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