Erm. Hi There.

Thought I’d delete the generic “Hello world!” post – not that it isn’t adequate or that I don’t want to say hello (,”Hello.”); I just thought that I’d say hello instead of default settings. So Hello.

Anyway — Here’s the info (plus a little more) that I shared the first day of class, so you can put a name to a face. If I figure out how to put in a pic, I will do that too. Read on to see.

William Rhoads – PhD Civil Engineering

I want to be the kind of teacher that inspired and engaged me and thought my best chances of accomplishing that goal was to take a class on how to do it. Makes sense, right? Oh, and the certificate b/c I think it will set me apart from other candidates when apply for post doc/faculty positions.

I’ve read many things recently, but am not going to pick a favorite — I’m an engineer, so my last formal literature class was in high school. As a result my selection of reading materials is probably a little weird. Recently completed: Great Gatsby, Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Beautiful Souls. Currently “reading”: Colossus (history about who the Hoover dam and water rights laws shaped the American west and set the stage for the coming (ooo, yes, it’s coming) water crisis), Orvis complete guide to fly fishing for beginners, Brain on Fire, and (supposedly for book club) Ghost in the Wires (we’ll see).

My all-time favorite music IS my high school music: The Alkaline Trio. I have matured a bit since those days, though, and recognize many merits in many different styles. If ithas banjo and/or a fiddle, I’m bound to like it (and maybe create a bit of noise stomping —

The thing you wouldn’t know about me unless I told you or you came to my house to see for yourself, is that I’m obsessed with brewing beer. I have a homemade kegerator that can have two 5 gallon beers on taps, have anywhere from 50-200 bottles (usually empty, ready to be filled) in a closet, and enough equipment to call it  respectable beginners collection. Right now I have on tap a German dark ale. In bottles an oatmeal stout. In my secondary fermenter a maple porter. And in my primary fermenter an English/American Brown Ale mix (Eats didn’t have the right hops to go all English). If you want to brew – I would love to. I always like learning new techniques and enjoying meeting other brewers or people who are interested in brewing.

OK. Talk to you soon.

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