Yippee for syllabi!

One of our assignments for this course is to construct a syllabus. Oh what fun! And I’m being absolutely serious and not at all sarcastic. It has been a truly exciting assignment to work on. Finally, a “real” class (not a lab) that is all my own. A clean slate. I can start from scratch, build it from the ground up. “What shall we learn? How shall we learn it?” I enjoyed designing this course much more than I had anticipated.

I decided to go beyond the assignment itself. Dr. Fowler wants us to focus on the tone, the language, the principles, the learner-centerdness of it, and to not fuss with the minutia of the schedule and the like. But I realized that it would be good for my job-hunting adventures (soon to come) to have a complete syllabus on display. I understand fully well why our instructor does not need or want to see all the messy, pointless details, but a prospective employer would surely notice if that was lacking.

And so I’ve been writing the whole thing, and enjoying it thoroughly. I can’t wait to one day actually use it in a real classroom and with real learners. I wonder if they will be as excited about the syllabus as I am.

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