The identity of this website is extremely raw at the moment, however as you will find out after some brief navigation, the level of "doneness" is not an inhibiting factor.

Embracing the blank slate of written wisdom post seven years of collegiate work is what this website is designed to do: provide a space for reflection about breaking the conventions of typical academic fare, hence the title. A "bon eleve" literally translates to "good student," but is generally understood as the pupil that is merely checking the box and looking for an A. Most of us have been there at some point in order to finish degree requirements or other academic work. At this stage of my life, I realize that education founded on requirement completion is no way to learn.

If we were to just follow a recipe blindly, without ever adding our own personal touch, the excitement behind cookery would end as we know it. The relationship that I make between food and education on this site is a selfish act, but I know that other kitchen dweller educators and professionals will understand why it is very appropriate.

Please visit the "Musings" page to read about me and thumb through my reflections on education, cooking, and other mind meanderings. "The Unconventional Teacher" page is available to look at my Teaching Philosophy, Curriculum Vitae, and a sample syllabus for a class I wish to teach someday.