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Twitter is a wonderful thing. I know many detractors complain that there are so many people on twitter that it is impossible to say anything meaningful, but that simply is not true. I have proof now that people really do care!

I, a lowly twitter peasant, managed to make meaningful contact with intelligent life through twitter! It is a small joy which I would like to share with you. This was my original tweet

@ProfZeki is one of the founding scientists in the field of neuroaesthetics. It is a topic I find wildly interesting. I just thought I would tweet at him for fun, not really expecting a response, much less actually expecting him to read my naive blog post. But then…


It had worked, he actually read it, a leading scientist in a field I am fantastically fascinated by ┬áread my idea (and thought it was “very interesting” +10pts) and then got back to me and let me know. This interaction would not have taken place without twitter. I am positive Semir Zeki would never have found and read my blog on his own and I would never have received awesome feedback. I also would never have known about his research without wikipedia and google which allowed me to take my crazy thoughts about the brain and identify them with real things other people are studying. Thank you interwebz, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


About Adam

I am an architecture undergrad @ Virginia Tech with an interest in emergent and interactive design.
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