Validation of the time I spend (waste) on reddit

What does it mean to know your meme?

The first criterion is that characters be “good”. Using the Aristotelian definition of “virtue”, good characters are those who successfully fulfill their function – that is, those who successfully formulate thought into action.



The second criterion is that characters be “appropriate” to the actions they perform; that is, that there is a good match between a character’s traits and what they do.

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The third criterion is the idea that characters be “like” reality in the sense that there are causal connections between their thoughts traits and actions.

The fourth criterion is that characters be “consistent ” throughout the whole action; that is, that a character’s traits should not change arbitrarily. The mapping of these criteria to computer-based agents is quite straightforward.

all quotes sourced from Laurel, The Six Elements and the Causal Relations Among Them


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