For Administrative Purposes

Let me begin with a visual metaphor.

dead horse

What is this all about, you ask? It is about freedom, bureaucracy, education, progress (or lack thereof), copyright, intellectual property, patents, creativity, and the future. It is about the structure of our society for administrative purposes.

It is in human nature to order things, to systematize and structure the world around us, but have we gone too far? At what cost do we create systems which are optimized for use of the administrator rather than the user?

With the advent of the internet and computers I believe that administrators the world over have crawled inside their Luddite caves and refuse to come out. Whether this is due to fear or ignorance I cannot be sure; however, I can be sure that is to the detriment of all society that they are incapable of change. Perhaps they simply refuse to adapt to a world where the user is supreme; where the administrator in fact no longer even exists.

The potential is there for a complete reworking of the order of the largest and most administratively restrictive institutions in the world (education, finance, healthcare, and government). We have the technology! but we must be willing to operate into a world that is not measured in the same way it has been. There will be no more standardized testing, no more failed patent system, no more, well, a lot of things, but this is good! People must be allowed to explore, create, and innovate in modes completely inconceivable to the people that run the show now. I must admit that they are only partially to blame. They come from a long lineage of administrators and they achieved success within the system created by their predecessors. They have taken the example of their own success and generalized it, turning it into a checklist for those who also hope to achieve success.

Politicians apologize for the “political nature” of a situation as if that is somehow an excuse for the negation truth, honesty, and decency in their sworn mission to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense,  promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. In our political system, the administrative function of government now supersedes the will of the people. It negates the user in favor of the administrator.

Education, same thing. Standardized testing functions not to evaluate the student (see: user) but the performance of the school (see: administrator) in order to determine how to allocate funding! This is absolute insanity!

Healthcare is a mess of red tape and regulation as is the financial industry. I am not advocating for a laissez-faire economic policy or a particular flavor of healthcare reform, but something more radical all together. A complete re-imagination from the ground up of these establishments that is focused on, and inextricably tied to the user and their success.

The user is not necessarily even one person but a collective of citizens where individual identity is retained while collective good is managed effectively.

I know this is radical, some might even say insane, but it is coming and it has to happen. We need to stop beating the dead horse and simply get on with it. There is a lot of work to be done. We might as well start now.

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I am an architecture undergrad @ Virginia Tech with an interest in emergent and interactive design.
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