Funding Opportunities

National Institutes of Health:

NIH NIDDK: Translational Research to Improve Obesity and Diabetes Outcomes (R18)

NIH: Home and Family Based Approaches for the Prevention or Management of Overweight or Obesity in Early Childhood (R21)

NIH NHLBI: Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Underserved Rural Communities (R01)

NIH: Time-Sensitive Obesity Policy and Program Evaluation (R01)

NIH NCI: Physical activity and weight control interventions among cancer survivors: Effects on biomarkers of prognosis and survival (R01)

NIH: Improving Diet and Physical Activity Assessment (R01)

NIH: Role of Environmental Chemical Exposures in the Development of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome (R01)

NIH: Pilot and Feasibility Clinical Research Studies in Digestive Diseases and Nutrition (R21)

NIH: Secondary Analyses in Obesity, Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (R21)

NIH NIDD: Collaborative Interdisciplinary Team Science in NIDDK Research Areas (R24);jsessionid=FzyqQ4TCphWb2XDShhyGZ0nhGG0y4kTPn6Ny0QJ2L3n3lb4YTbDQ!-1413871233?oppId=97593&mode=VIEW


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