Ice Scraper


As our first Industrial Design practice project in Studio, we were tasked to make a handheld item that performed a function for a specific set of people.  I decided to make and Ice Scraper for people who live in places where snow and ice is common.  The problem with many practical ice scrapers is that they are ugly, hard to store, and get things wet inside the cabin of your car.  I decided to design for this by creating an ice scraper that was long, elegant, and practical.

Research and Ideation

In the beginning of my design process I researched the many shapes, sizes, and types of ice scrapers currently on the market.  I concluded that the most functional ice scrapers were the most cumbersome to store and certainly the ugliest.  My favorite scrapers, however, were small and minimalist.  The issue with the smaller scrapers is their inability to deal with any snow or ice more than a slight layer of frost.  I started designing a scraper that was sleek, long enough to reach over halfway across a windshield, and could be easily stored on the inside of a car’s trunk lid.  I then thought to add a shovel attachment in order to clear snow off of and from around a vehicle.


Final Design

The final design I settled on combined the things I anted most in my scraper, practicality and beauty.  Made from anodized aluminum and hard plastic, the scraper is durable and can withstand the elements necessary to clean a car off of snow and ice.  Its wide back handle that tapers down is to give the user a firm place to push if Ice is thick, and a thinner area to grasp with the other hand while using the shovel function.  Its length is important, not only so the shovel function is plausible, but so the user can reash across a windshield with ease, and not have to reach to get to the middle of the glass.



Ice Scraper Poster 1

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