C++ and Makefiles

It’s been pretty quiet in terms of Into to Unix assignments over the last few weeks. Other than the reading and some more Python practice, the only thing I can remember writing is a Makefile to compile and clean up a few source files. I had never heard of bison or flex before that assignment, but they seem like pretty useful tools. I think I was able to handle the assignment well enough. I just broke the required object files into their required source files and generated those that needed to be generated by bison and flex in additional targets.

I’m starting to get a little nervous about the final project, as one of our group members doesn’t seem to be responding to e-mail, but we still have enough time to work around him if absolutely necessary. Looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend and hoping that I don’t get bogged down by too much work to enjoy myself. Speaking of which, I need to finish up a 3574 program and study for another electronics midterm.

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