From homework 4 to final project beginnings

I’ve been super busy over the last couple weeks, but things have started to chill out a little bit this weekend. I wanted to take a little time to go back and write about some of the things that I overlooked in my last post.

After a quick look at the syllabus, I realized that I had an extra week after the deadline to work on homework 4 with only a 10% penalty, but instead of taking the time to check, I just assumed that if I didn’t get it in on time I would be out of luck. Instead of using an hour or two of that time to finish up the homework and get an extra 10 or 20 points, I decided to go on to another assignment for another class. I’ve been struggling a bit with Python, but thankfully its not too much of the final grade.

The midterm didn’t end up being so bad. I had some issues trying to figure out what to type with the sed command to replace whole words that ended with le, but the rest of it was pretty straightforward.

I’m pretty excited to start work on the final project. We managed to get a group of 4 together, but we still need to set up a plan of action. I’ve wanted to work on games for a while, and this will be my first programming project with a team. Hopefully the rest of my teammates are as interested in the project as I am. I guess time will tell.

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