Midterms approaching

My Intro to Unix midterm is coming up this week, but I’m not all that worried about it. I haven’t really had time to do a whole lot of the reading for the class with all the projects whizzing around this semester, but I’m relatively confident in my exposure level to the bash terminal. After trying the practice mid-term, there was only one thing that I couldn’t figure out how to do. I don’t think I’ve ever made a .sh file and I’m not really sure what to put in to one. I started out typing python, then gave matlab a whirl for some reason, and finally just skipped it in favor of the .py implementation in the next step for lack of time. In hindsight, it’s probably the same as just typing commands in as you would in the terminal. I’m still not really sure how that would work with an argument though, maybe a pipe? Ah well… I’ll figure it out eventually. Time to do some micro programming.

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