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Chelsea Graves, Dining Services Student Farm Manager, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, at Virginia Tech Kentland Farms


Meredith Ledlie Johnson

Meredith Ledlie Johnson’s interest in the food system began while she studied farm worker rights in college. From there her interests grew to art, social work, and environmental stewardship. She moved from New York City to Virginia to work as a community nutrition coordinator for the Family Nutrition Program. She collaborates with farmer’s markets to […]

Jerry Moles

Jerry Moles has a rich history of organizing people and communities across the world and locally in southwest Virginia. Most recently, Jerry serves as a facilitator for Grayson LandCare in Grayson County. He assists people to select goals, and in the process, helps discover what must be done to pursue those specific goals. Jerry stresses […]

McCabe Coolidge


McCabe Coolidge is a co-founder of Plenty!, a grassroots organization providing programs to provide access to fresh, healthy food to families and individuals in Floyd County, Virginia. Apart from working towards eliminating food insecurity, McCabe is committed to building a healthy and supportive community with his neighbors. He thinks that the biggest challenge is […]

Karen Day


Karen Day is the co-director of Plenty! She is excited and motivated to connect with people, and wants her organization to help build capacity within the community of Floyd. Karen believes that it is vital to invest time into building relationships with other organizations in the community. She believes that Floyd County has the […]

Kelli Scott


Kelli Scott is an Agriculture and Natural Resource Extension Agent with Virginia Cooperative Extension, Montgomery County. She stresses the importance of having good and devoted collaborators and also building a critical mass within the community. She sees relationships as the key to success. Kelli is working towards strengthening the regional food system for […]

Garland Mason


Garland Mason is a graduate research assistant in the Department of Agricultural, Leadership and Community Education and currently works for the Appalachian Foodshed Project. Her passion lies in the development of rural areas through agriculture. She points out that building communication and trust with stakeholders is essential in the work of community food […]

Brian Jacks


Brian Jacks is currently an Associate State Director of AARP Virginia. He is primarily engaged in alleviating immediate hunger needs. He has an inclination to work towards food and nutritional needs of senior citizens. He wants to see AARP join the crusade against hunger by utilizing its resources, expertise, and assets to be […]

Debbie Lineweaver


Debbie has a love for preserving open space and rural communities. She took initiative to start SO Fresh in southwest Virginia, and has been committing her time to volunteer to get the organization off the ground and established as a non-profit. SO Fresh is building connections between growers and consumers and other organizations in […]