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Chelsea Graves, Dining Services Student Farm Manager, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, at Virginia Tech Kentland Farms


Cheryl Brown


Dr. Cheryl Brown is an Agricultural Economist at West Virginia University. Cheryl believes that local food opportunities can create a parallel economy where people have more control over their livelihood and local businesses. She pays special attention to the community building aspect of farmers markets. She stresses the importance of collaborating and communicating between […]

Kevin Johnson


Kevin Johnson wears a number of different hats, including farmer, market task force member, and food hub president. His commitment and hope for Alderson shines through. Many of Alderson’s initiatives thrive on organizational partnerships and support, and Kevin actively works to nurture those relationships. The Alderson Food Hub has successes under its belt […]

Bob Jacobus


Bob has had a rich career filled with a number of experiences that intersect with food production, environmental planning, and economic development. He has supported his community by helping groups apply for development grants and manages compliance for state and federal grants. Bob speaks to the importance of keeping the momentum up with long-term […]

Jessica Crum- West Virginia University

Jessica is in the early stages of her involvement with food systems work and drew her love of agriculture from growing up on a dairy. She is exploring the connection between farmer’s markets and the emergency food system in West Virginia. She was emotionally affected by the poverty she witnessed in rural counties, and hopes […]

Jessica Crum


Jessica recently completed her Master’s degree at West Virginia University in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. She has been working in the West Virginia region of the Appalachian Foodshed Project with Dr. Cheryl Brown, focusing on the way in which farmers markets intersect with the emergency food system. Jessica conducted statewide […]