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Chelsea Graves, Dining Services Student Farm Manager, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, at Virginia Tech Kentland Farms


Nikki D’Adamo-Damery


Nikki has worked on farms and food systems change and received a Master’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Iowa State University. Her main motivation to be a part of this work is her belief in social justice. She brought the Dynamic Governance decision making to the Appalachian Foodshed Project. She believes that her work is about creating relationships and creating the space to sustain those relationships. She sees the processes and mechanisms for people to impact the food system. Nikki describes how shard governance can enable a group of stakeholders to facilitate possibilities for future change that works for their specific community rather than a prescribed solution.

Here is a link to Nikki’s full narrative: Nikki D’Adamo-Damery

Keywords: Dynamic Governance, process, social justice, networks, community food security, Appalachia

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