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McCabe Coolidge


McCabe Coolidge is a co-founder of Plenty!, a grassroots organization providing programs to provide access to fresh, healthy food to families and individuals in Floyd County, Virginia. Apart from working towards eliminating food insecurity, McCabe is committed to building a healthy and supportive community with his neighbors. He thinks that the biggest challenge is that most of the people do not have a full understanding of food insecurity and that is exists in the county. Besides focusing on individuals and families, his goal as an organization is to continue to build relationships with people experiencing food insecurity and making a difference in their lives. His Plenty! co-workers and volunteers give him hope.

Here is a link to McCabe’s full narrative: McCabe Coolidge

Key words: food access, healthy people, justice and fairness, strong communities, Virginia

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  • Victoria Newton

    I have read 2 of your articles in the last 2 days. They leave me with a “Haunting”
    I hope your life is good.
    I lost my Mom when when I was 57 and my Dad 2 years later.
    Mom and Dad owned the drug store in Marshall for over 56 years.

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