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Chelsea Graves, Dining Services Student Farm Manager, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, at Virginia Tech Kentland Farms


Defining Community Food Work

Catawba Valley Farmer’s Market

Drawing from Slocum (2007), we embrace the term “community food work” due to its politicized and inclusive meaning that embraces several interconnected domains and processes that constitute alternative food system efforts, those that focus on: 1) farm sustainability – related to connecting small-scale farmers to markets; 2) nutrition education – with emphases on the prevention of diet-related illnesses; 3) environmental sustainability – related to the development and support of more ecologically sound agricultural production; and 4) social justice – which consists of a bifurcated approach—producer/worker rights and hunger/food insecurity.


Slocum, R. (2007). Whiteness, space and alternative food practice. Geoforum, 38, 520-533.