Manuscripts in Preparation

  • Arnold, N., Feist, Shelley., Chapman, Benjamin J.. (2017) “An Environmental Scan of Food Safety Educational Initiatives Targeted at Consumers in the United States”
  • Arnold, N., Rupert, Christopher L.; Overdiep III, Jacques L. A. ; Yavelak, Mary K.; Cope, Sarah; Porter, Kinsey; Boyer, Renee; Chapman, Benjamin J.. (2017)  “Prevalence and Conditions of Mechanical Tenderization and Enhancement of Beef at Independent Meat Retailers in North Carolina”



  • Thesis: Assessment of risk communication and food safety messages associated with high-risk foods:

Research advisor: Dr. Benjamin Chapman, North Carolina State University

  • Dissertation: Consumer Perceptions of Waterless Non-Thermal Processes Used to Enhance the Safety and Quality of Fresh Produce and Low-Moisture Foods

Research advisor: Dr. Renee Boyer, Virginia Tech