Self-Sabotage in the Academic Career 15 ways in which faculty members harm their own futures, often without knowing it

Things that everyone to keep in mind while on the journey through graduate school to tenure (if it still exist when we finish this process. These are one I see the most since being in graduate school.

1. You don’t seek out multiple mentors.
3. You are either perfectionist or perfunctory in putting your work into print.
5. You pay too much attention to personal relationships—or too little.
The key part of #5 from the article: Some early-career academics get so involved in their work that they ignore personal relationships with colleagues in their department. Or they act rudely toward others, believing that career success depends only on the quality of their work. Wrong on both counts. Whether departments admit it or not, they prefer to promote people who fit in—who contribute to the life of the department and of the institution. The person who is seen as a good fit will always have an edge over the misfit. But it also can be a mistake to devote so much time to personal relationships that your investment in those relationships is at the expense of your work.
6. You fail to understand the cultural norms of your institution.
8. You lack resilience in the face of failure.
10. You are too selfish or too selfless.
15. You haven’t figured out who you are.