Kids Learning by Hacking

Apropos to our discussion in the New Media Seminar yesterday, here’s a link to a recent post in Slate about how quickly students learned to hack school-supplied iPads.  There’s also some discussion about how much they can learn simply by being allowed to explore on their own.  Who’d a thought that could happen?



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2 Responses to Kids Learning by Hacking

  1. Exactly. Let them hack! NPR did a story about the LA schools a couple weeks ago. Apparently the accomplished hackers were charging $2 to reconfigure other students’ Ipads, but provided the same service provided free for “friends.” This reminds me of the potato-peeling discussion of cooking yesterday and suggests that entrepreneurial talent may emerge quite early on!

  2. Related to kids hacking into computers in LA… I have a small article I cut out of the Mobile, AL newspaper several years ago taped to my file cabinet in my office. It is about the arrest of gang members on an FCC charge because they set up a “radio station” without a permit. They were broadcasting about drug pickups, etc. I was quite impressed with the technical know-how of this gang, regardless of their motivation. Which gets to the essence of how to really exploit computers for education: Motivation. Where is the carrot? Hopefully not illegal drug trade…

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