Research & Publications

Research Interests:

  • Areas of Specialization: Democratization, Civil Society and Global Social Movements, and the Labor Movement in the Middle East
  • Areas of Concentration: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Governments and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, Political Islam, and Global Social Movements

My research interests include interdisciplinary research on issues such as “Allah at the ballot box” i.e. the role and impact of Islamist transnational network organizations at the ballot box; the revival of the role of effective social movements in the Middle East; the problematic of “public space” and protests; the role of the labor movement in pushing for and supporting political change and democratization in the MENA region; the role of authoritarian regimes in the initiation of large environmental projects especially relating to the control of water through dams (e.g. Egypt); and the intersection of comparative politics, political economy, and international relations.  Additional research interests include: The role of the Gulf states in the recent political changes in the MENA region – Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in particular; Middle East international relations, comparative politics, global social movements, political Islam, transnational activism and advocacy, cultural and social contributions by the Arab world through music, literature and the arts; and impact of public discourse on contentious political action, and the culture and history of the Middle East and North Africa.



Peer-Reviewed Essays


  • Senior Editor and Project Manager, The Struggle for Worker Rights in Egypt, The Solidarity Center,  Washington, DC, February 2010. 

Book Chapters

  • “The Role of the Labor Sector,” in Godson, Roy (editor). Towards Democratic Transitions: The Case of North Africa. National Strategy Information Center (NSIC); First edition (November 17, 2013). 

Journalism & Multimedia