Are we all good ol’ racists?

While reading a piece about Shankar Vedantam’s new book “the Hidden Brain” I was thinking “NO! This is wrong! I was not at all racist when I was 3… cause there was no other race in Iran…” To be more precise, we (Iranian students) usually have a hard time understanding what race is when filling out application forms for US universities (I sometimes categorized myself as Asian and sometimes as white)! But after a while pondering about racism, I thought well, we do not have racism in its classic meaning of othering the other ‘races’, BUT we do have many discriminatory behaviors (and policies unfortunately) toward a large number of minority groups in our country namely Afghan Refugees”.

The point is, even if we have not formed the associations between certain groups of people and the concepts about them (simply because we have not had the chance of it), it does not necessarily means we are not bigots, as a Persian proverb says “He doesn’t see any water; otherwise, he is a skilled swimmer.”

I totally agree with Shankar when he emphasizes on taking back the control of our brain by unlearning our mental associations consciously and¬†conscientiously. This would be a difficult process for everyone of us, since as we grow up we lean more and more towards our autopilot brain functions and as Shankar puts it “…¬†the hidden brain is much more in charge of what we do than our conscious mind’s intentions”. This, in my view,¬† is everyone of us responsibility at individual level.

What I find lacking in this article, is how society as a whole should move towards eradicating racism. The structural inequalities must be addressed in order to give back minorities and the oppressed their voice and power. When world powers, their policies, media and social structures at national and international level are constantly shaping an unequal, prejudice and hateful global culture (e.g. toward Muslims/Jews/Arabs/etc.), do individual efforts suffice? I say NO!

4 thoughts on “Are we all good ol’ racists?

    • Thank you Jyotsana for your comment and your suggestion. I read Chris’s post and I agree with him that in order to overcome our biases we should unpack our thoughts, understand the unreal associations we are thought, and then move forward to next! while being racist is not pleasant by no means, ignoring it and acting as nothing has happened or existed (as what happens in colorblindness) we only leave the cancer untreated! Acknowledgment is the first step!

  1. Gratt Point Neda!
    I thought about it a lot too. We have many unconscious biases! The danger is as you said in Iran, the concept of racism doesn’t exist. If a society doesn’t know that a problem exists it would be hard to move toward solving it.

  2. Shadi thanks for your comment! you brought up an important point: when we don’t acknowledge our weaknesses (here biases we have towards many groups in our society) we merely encourage an undemocratic way of living! Citizens feel rightful to look down on refugees and immigrants mainly due to the fact that no one blames them (or let them know in the first place) that these are all racist behaviors; in other words they feel socially accepted to act in a racist manner! However, thanks to social media there has been positive movements towards eradicating such awful attitudes. I hope these initiatives continue to grow and cover many other aspects of our civic lives!

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