My name is Neda Moayerian and I am from polluted, unjust yet lovely city of Tehran! Concerned with the quality of life in cities, I have chosen Urban planning in my Bachelor’s, Urban Management in Master’s and Public and International Affairs in my PhD studies! You can see my CV here, for more information

My Current research focuses on cultural projects at community level and their impacts on individual and communal agency. I am specifically interested in societies where due to different reasons the primary economic base is no longer available, so people need to look for new ways of imagining their future! (you can see one of my recent research projects here).

After completion of my studies at Virginia Tech, I plan to go back home and serve as a faculty member in University of Tehran. I hope I can maintain my relations with my current case studies (Coal towns in Appalachia) through cooperating with cultural-based NGOs in Iran’s rural towns and exchanging ideas between these communities.

As a hub for my networked learning, in this Blog, I share my thoughts about pedagogic issues related to higher education.