Najla Mouchrek, Ph.D

Designer and scholar with an interdisciplinary PhD focused on participatory design applied to education and youth empowerment (Virginia Tech). After a 17-year career working in communication design for public universities in Brazil, Dr. Mouchrek worked for four years in Academic Affairs at Virginia Tech as a designer supporting student-centered initiatives and systemic change strategies. Dr. Mouchrek now works in Student Affairs applying human centered design to create meaningful experiences for students and develop structures for inclusion and collaboration among people from diverse worldviews and cultural backgrounds.

Interdisciplinary Areas of Scholarship & Practice

Human Centered Design  |  Design Thinking  |  Communication Design  |  Diversity & Inclusion  |  Participatory Design | Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability | Sustainable Futures | Design for Youth Development and Empowerment | Purpose and Humanistic Values-driven Career Construction | College Student Holistic Development | Interfaith Leadership & Cooperation

Photo: Ray Meese