02: Technology and Kids

So, as I watched the PBS video last week, I can’t help but noticed how smart kids are these days! Also, as several people in the class pointed out last week, there are boon and bane of having kids being exposed to the technology even at such an early stage. I am also indecisive on this issue especially when seeing kids with gadgets on their hand and ignoring the surroundings. I think that too much exposure of the technology without parents guidance will lead the kids to isolation and social activities. I still feel that human interactions and the need for peer socialization are still important for kids development.

1 thought on “02: Technology and Kids

  1. I totally agree with your idea. It is no doubt that technology is very helpful and useful for the education as a method or a tool, but it cannot substitute the human. Moreover, kids who are not capable of making a rational calculations need more time to spend their teachers and parents before they are growing up. If they expose the technology devices without their parents or teachers’ guideline and earlier than establishing their rational calculations, the education through the technology is useless and it will give a negative impact to our next generations.

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