02: Technology and Kids

So, as I watched the PBS video last week, I can’t help but noticed how smart kids are these days! Also, as several people in the class pointed out last week, there are boon and bane of having kids being exposed to the technology even at such an early stage. I am also indecisive on this issue especially when seeing kids with gadgets on their hand and ignoring the surroundings. I think that too much exposure of the technology without parents guidance will lead the kids to isolation and social activities. I still feel that human interactions and the need for peer socialization are still important for kids development.

01: Blogging

I enjoyed reading blogs of friends and random strangers but never have really thought of blogging myself. I used to have one blog that I plan on rumbling about PhD experiences but   have since been abandoned. And so, when blogging is one of the requirements of the course, I am pretty excited to start blogging at least once a week. Though, I have to admit my ability of getting around the technical aspect of the blog is still lacking but I supposed over time there will be some improvements.

p.s. Today is the first day of Chinese New Year and how I miss seeing colorful celebration back home. Here’s to a prosperous and blessing year ahead. May the year of the snake be a good year for everyone! I am looking forward to having Chinese meal for dinner with my neighbors and guess what, we will be having Tau Fu Fa as a dessert! Yumms!


Tau fu fah! Ho chak! (Ho chak is Hokkien for very tasty!)