Bluegrass to Me

I have heard a lot about what makes up the components of Bluegrass music such as the type of instruments used (the banjo, the fiddle, and so on), however, when I was watching the film High Lonesome and reading up on the music, I found that my definition of Bluegrass is on of its character and purpose. This is a style of music originating in the hills by people who did not have much but made up for what they lacked in wealth by their good spirits and tradition carried through time by song. Bluegrass started around the family circle after the days labor was finished. When stories were being told and ideas were shared,  and that’s what comes through in the sound and lyrics. Religion plays so close to the sound and style, because that was held so dear by the families. Bluegrass even aided in teaching people how to read, which goes to show that you can not determine the true definition based solely on the instruments played or always by on whose playing it. Even in the film it was said that they would just play what they had sometimes. It is a beautiful compilation of sound expressing emotion of a wide range, heard still in every hollar of the hills where it came and now almost every nook of the world.

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