GTM Project Review

First off, GTA is one of my favorite and I do think its the best out of those sandbox games. So this “GTM” project was the very first game I decided to review. Since its a text-based game, I didn’t expect to see too many text-based images in the gameplay, and drawing those images using symbols would take just too long considering they are going to come up with and implement a story line. But what has impressed me is that they did have plenty of graphics implemented and they all look wonderful while still having a great story line that contains four challenging missions. Also, the source code is well organized and commented. Everything is named intuitively so I was able to find and hack the weapon damage in 2 minutes :P. The game does need some polish on balancing and gameplay experience. However, we are not expecting a group of professional game designers here.(And they did fixed most of the issues that I posted on github) So in programming perspective, they have done a wonderful job within couple of weeks.

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