Ubuntu on Your Android

Imagine that your multi-core android phone becomes a real PC. Ubuntu is now developing a ubuntu desktop variant for android phones. It is not a simplified or portable version of ubuntu system remade for cell phones. The ubuntu for android will be the real ubuntu system running on your phone.Ubuntu for Android
If this upcoming feature is finally introduced, your phone will be able to run Android and Ubuntu at the same time. This means no dual-boot or virtual machine is required, they are running simultaneously since both Android and Ubuntu use Linux kernel. For more information, check out: http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/ubuntu-for-android

Midterm thought

Finally the midterm is over and I felt I did well on it. This was one of my favorite types of exam that I’v ever had. Not because the test itself is not brutally difficult but the test provided a quite good reflection of what skills we have learned in this class. We had to practically write python codes, bash commands and some regex expressions in a certain amount of time. Even the test submission is through the git. That’s what I thought a programming class should be, but so many of them have failed. They ask you to write up bunches of paragraphs to explain a single concept instead of testing your actual coding abilities. I finished this test in an hour and 20 minutes but I double checked every problem very carefully so I think you all should be able to finish the test on time. Anyways, this is a great test and hope you all get a good score on it.