Hello everyone, welcome to my ECE2524 blog and this is my first blog post. Taking this class and installing Ubuntu is my first Unix experience. It did take me a while to make it installed successfully. I was planned to make a new partition and install the new system on it. However, creating a partition requires an unallocated disk space that can only be obtained by shrinking an existing partition which, in that way, will cause the disk type to be converted from basic to dynamic. I had no idea about the cons and pros of doing so. Then I was introduced to Ubuntu Windows Installer — a desktop version that needs no free disks or CDs but some free space in your existing partitions. You would install it just like how you install an application on your PC, easy and fast. It works as exactly same as the ordinary version but runs slightly slower.

I had no problem when I installed Ubuntu Windows Installer. However, the initialization was stuck at 100% about 10 minutes when I first ran the system. I did a search on the official forum and it seems like a good amount of people had experienced the same “bug” as they chose this version of Ubuntu, but the problem can be easily fixed by a force reboot and your Ubuntu would work as it is supposed to.

I will be making another post soon to talk about the Unix shell-level commands and, hopefully, some python experiences.

See you all next time.

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