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Well, there you have it everyone! This is my first post. Currently going to be up pretty late getting things set up and what not, not just for this class but others. Should be a busy but interesting and exciting semester. Music, learning, and coding all are fun and fun is how I will survive the semester and ultimately graduate in May; no ifs, ands, buts, maybes, or anything of the sorts because another semester is just not happening!

Currently, thinking back to having taken ECE3574 before having taken this class, I do feel that 3574 would have been easier had I taken this class first. Seeing that we will be learning things like make and building code in the Unix environment, knowing such a thing before having taken ECE3574 would have saved me a fair amount of confusion; yes, now that I know about these things from real world work experiences I had after ECE3574, such a thing seems rather simple and silly to be confused about but that goes for everything once you have a strong grasp of it. However, having something as basic as that be a point of confusion when deadlines were (and still are for many of my classes) tight and concepts are new, it really was an unnecessary and sometimes harmful roadblock to hit. Of course, since I am going to be graduating in May, I obviously managed to survive the class, but I think this class is certainly something that should be taken before ECE3574 if at the least at the same time because when I took the class, it was assumed one knew how to do something like ‘make’, build, and compile programs in the *nix environment. All in all, trying to master the stuff we are learning in our classes is hard enough as it is when we are on the same level as all our peers. Adding an extra roadblock, especially one that could have been, in a sense, avoided is something that should be avoided as much as possible for the sake of one’s grade, but more importantly, one’s sanity. 🙂

And to go off on just one more tangent before getting to some other class work, I had just recently moved most, if not all, my music collection off my computer’s hard drive during break to free up space. I have no idea how I manage to get so much music, videos, TV shows, apps, etc. on my computer, but I do so anyways, after doing that, that goal was accomplished and it came just in time because now I will be able to partition the hard drive to install some form of GNU/Linux on my MacBook Pro which I have not decided upon just yet. I’ve had Virtual Machines of Linux before for various reasons (VirtualBox, Parallels, VMWare Fusion), but I’ve found that it just doesn’t feel quite “real” enough for me to try and use it a bit more than my Mac OS. Granted, I have a lot of nice things I need on my Mac OS but if I want to try and use GNU/Linux more singularly as opposed to being able to just switch back an forth and lose the experience of using just GNU/Linux, then partitioning is the way to go for me which is why I am really glad things are working out the way they are right now. VMs may work just fine for other people to get the singular GNU/Linux experience, and it’s not like using the VMs wasn’t a great solution for me in the past, but this time, I’m trying to really commit to using just GNU/Linux to get stronger with it.

Well. until next time everyone, stay awesome.

Mattie, out.

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