IEEE Life Sciences Grand Challenges Conference

The IEEE Life Sciences Grand Challenges Conference will be held October 4-5, 2012 at the National Academy of Sciences Auditorium in Washington DC

The Conference will conduct strategic discussions and debates on grand challenges facing the scientific community in the interface of engineering and life sciences. The anticipated outcome of conference shall be identified grand challenges on how engineering can be better interfaced with life sciences to understand the mechanisms of biological systems and major diseases, and to lead to improved healthcare.

The Conference will consist of a series of plenary presentations by thought leaders in academia, government and industry, and interactive panel discussions and small group discussions by all meeting participants. Plenary sessions include: Brain Disorder and Nervous Systems; Heart Diseases and and Cardiovascular Systems; Cancer; Education and Training; Translation – From Bech to Bedside.

Due to room capacity, participation is limited and interested participants will be first come first served. To reserve your seat, please register ASAP.

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