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Course: STS-3284 Technology and Disability

CRN: 40451

Can be taken as an Elective or possible substitution for a requirement of the minor.

Meeting: ONLINE




STS 2154    The Life Sciences and Society
STS 3284    Technology and Disability
STS 3314     Medical Dilemmas
SOC 4414    Drugs and Society
SOC 3714    Sociology of Aging
HD 1134      Intro to Disability Studies
HD 2014      Integrative Health Practices
HIST 3724   Disease, Medicine, and Health
HIST 4004   HIV/AIDS in a Global Perspective
HNFE 3634  Epidemiology of Health and Disease
HUM 3204    Multicultural Communication
PHIL 3324    Biomedical Ethics
PHS 4054    Concepts in One Health
PHS 3014    Intro to Environmental Health
PSYC 3054  Health Psychology