Add the Minorhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1pmmL44VaXa9BdKMgkdHOv-bybNlQ-KhI/view

Checksheet: https://registrar.vt.edu/content/dam/registrar_vt_edu/documents/Updates/minors/2020/minor_msoc_20.pdf



Note: All students enrolled in the minor are also signed up for the MSOC Canvas site, which is the repository for detailed information about the minor. See your Canvas site for details.


How do I add the minor? 

It’s easy to sign up!

  1. Download this form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pmmL44VaXa9BdKMgkdHOv-bybNlQ-KhI/view.
  2. Fill in your “Student FERPA Code” and the top box with all your personal information.
  3. Send the form to Ms. Carol Sue Slusser (slusserc@vt.edu). She will get you signed up!
  4. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Slusser or Dr. Hester (rjhester@vt.edu).

Once you’re signed up, feel free to contact Ms. Slusser to review your DARS progress and discuss courses.


Who Is My MSOC Advisor? How Often Should I See Them? 

Your advisor is the MSOC director, Dr. Rebecca J. Hester. She is happy to discuss your MSOC experience and questions with you. If you are making adequate progress through the minor, you do not need to check in every semester.

If you are having difficulty meeting the checksheet requirements or need a substitution, please do contact her to help you to continue to make progress. Ms. Carol Sue Slusser can also help you with your questions and concerns.


May I Make Substitutions on My Checksheet?

Yes, but substitutions must be approved by the director. Please contact Ms. Slusser or Dr. Hester to make your substitution request. Please don’t hesitate to ask.


May I “Double Count” Courses in the CLE and MSOC?

Some courses will count both for credit in the Curriculum for Liberal Education and the MSOC minor; double counting is also accepted for courses in other minors and majors. Only courses that already count for credit in the CLE will double count.


What if I Need to Drop the Minor?

Fill out the “Drop” section of the Change Major/Minor form and bring your signed copy to Ms. Slusser in STS, 121 Lane Hall.


What is Required for the Minor?

The Medicine and Society Minor is 21 credits. There are four required areas, and three electives.

Students select one designated course from each of the following four disciplines and areas:

1. English

2. History

3. Sociology/Geography

4. STS/Ethics

The remaining three electives are drawn from a wide array of relevant courses from across the university. Occasionally, you’ll discover a new course offering on the timetable that seems relevant to the minor, but isn’t on the checksheet. If you would like to apply for a substitution in order to take such a class, please contact us.

Please see the checksheets for details!