Fall 2019 Courses

Medicine and Society Minor Contacts

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Monique Dufour (msdufour@vt.edu)

Undergraduate Coordinator: Ms. Carol Sue Slusser (slusserc@vt.edu)

Curious about the minor? Questions about courses or substitutions?

Please contact Dr. Dufour (msdufour@vt.edu) or Ms. Slusser (slusserc@vt.edu). We’re here to help!

Course Options for Fall 2019


  • In addition to the courses listed on the minor checksheet, there are other courses that you may take for minor credit. These courses are noted on this list as “request substitution.” YOU MUST REQUEST THE SUBSTITUTION FOR THE COURSE TO COUNT TOWARD THE MINOR.
  • For courses that require a substitution: once you have registered for the class, please write to Ms. Slusser (slusserc@vt.edu) to request the substitution, and we will file the change on your DARS.

ENGL 3154: Literature, Medicine, and Culture
Requirement or elective.

GEOG 4074: Medical Geography
Requirement or elective.

HD 1004: Human Development I

HD 2314: Human Sexuality

HD 3114: Issues in Aging

HD 4324: Advanced Family Relationships
Elective. Note: The course was recently renamed. The old title (“Family Risk and Resilience”) is on the checksheet, but this course will still count under the new name.

HIST 3714: War and Medicine
Requirement or elective. Request substitution for HIST requirement.

HUM 3204: Multicultural Communication

PHIL 1304: Morality and Justice

PHIL 3324: Biomedical Ethics
Requirement or elective.

PHS 2004: Introduction to Public Health

PHS 4094: Appalachian Community Research
Elective. Request substitution.

PSYC 3054: Health Psychology

STS 3105: Science and Technology in Modern Society

STS 3314: Medical Dilemmas and Human Experience
Requirement or elective.

STS 3284: Technology and Disability
Requirement or elective.

STS 4304: Societal Health
Elective. Students may also use this course for the SOC requirement by request.

WGS 2284: LGBTQ Issues