Summer 2017 Course!

Looking for a summer class to fulfill Medicine and Society credits? Dr. Rebecca Hester is offering her popular “Monsters, Zombies, and Cyborgs” course online during SUMMER 1. Registration is now open!

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Dr. Rebecca Hester
STS 4304   CRN 42398
Monsters, zombies, and cyborgs are everywhere, from films and literature to video games, cereal boxes, and Halloween costumes. This course will explore the promises and perils of the monsters, zombies and cyborgs that surround us. Drawing from a wide range of novels, cinema, current events, and scholarship about science and technology, the course will explore how biomedical science and technologies are reshaping our understandings of what it means to be human, what it means to be alive or (un)dead, and our aspirations for human and post-human futures.