Spring 2015 Course Options

Spring 2015 Courses

Important Notes:

1. The Timetable of Classes can change frequently. Check the VT timetable for the most up-to-date listings of available MSOC courses.

2. Please consult your checksheet to determine which courses you need to complete your minor.

3. If you find a course not listed here that you think may serve as an appropriate elective, please contact the MSOC advisors to request a substitution. 

Required Course Options–Spring 2015

You may also choose any of the required courses as electives.

HIST 3706: History of Science

HIST 3724: History of Disease, Medicine, and Health

PHIL 3324: Biomedical Ethics

SOC 3714: Sociology of Aging

SOC 4414: Drugs and Society

STS 3314: Medical Dilemmas and Human Experience

Elective Course Options–Spring 2015

ENGL 3534: Literature and Ecology

HIST 3624: Health and Illness in African History (New course, not on checksheet: Please contact Dr. Dufour to request a substitution.)

STS 3105: Science and Technology in Modern Society

STS 4304: Contemporary Issues in Humanities, Science, and Technology: New course in the Medical Humanities.

STS 4754: Internship (See checksheet for details.)

STS 4994: Undergraduate Research (See checksheet for details.)

UH 3004: Chinese Medicine-Honors Students Only (New course, not on checksheet: Please contact Dr. Dufour to arrange for a substitution.)

RLCL 1044: Religious Ethics

HUM 3204/COMM 3204: Multicultural Communication

HD 1004: Human Development in Childhood and Adolescence

HD 2314: Human Sexuality

HD 4324: Advanced Family Relationships

PHIL 1304: Morality and Justice

PHIL 3314: Ethical Theory

PHIL 4604: Philosophy of Biology