About the Minor


What does it mean to be “sick” or to be “healthy”?

How will we address complex medical dilemmas?

What is the relationship between the past, the present, and the future of medicine?

How do medicine and society interact, and why does it matter?

In Virginia Tech’s Medicine and Society Minor (MSOC), faculty and students explore these questions together.

The MSOC minor is housed in the Department of Science and Technology in Society, which is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. Faculty in STS, History, and English collaborate on its leadership, with help from the Honors Program.

The MSOC minor engages students in a field called medical humanities, which focuses on the meanings and experiences of disease, medicine, and health. Our classes investigate pressing bioethical questions, explore the humanistic aspects of medical practice and research, and seek to understand medicine, illness and health across time periods, cultures, and contexts. The medical humanities provides an essential education about the nature and power of medicine in past eras and contemporary culture.

Join undergraduates across Virginia Tech in the MSOC minor. Students preparing to apply successfully to medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, vet school, physician assistant programs, nursing school, programs in physical therapy, or any other allied health care program are highly recommended to enroll. MSOC also complements majors across the sciences, and will engage all students who want to understand medicine as one of the most significant cultural institutions in modern life.