• Dr. V’s Magical Putter

    Posted on March 23rd, 2014 msmith88 No comments

    The articles that were assigned for this week are powerful pieces to read. For me, Caleb Hannan’s Dr. V’s Magical Putter was a very interesting read, but I definitely did not expect Hannan’s findings, which closely correlated with Dr. V’s suicide. Once the story was published, many twitter users had a lot to say as well. At first Hannan’s story was praised by the public, but trans activists and writers coined this piece as “transphobic.” To be honest, I didn’t see that at first—Hannan was a journalist and it was his job to find a story—but my mind was completely changed after reading about Kye Allums, the first openly transgender Division I athlete. Kye’s personal story and past was put on full blast in the media after asking ESPN to respect any personal privacy. This obviously was emotionally detrimental to Allums, which made me think about transgender ignorance that is still present in society and especially in the media. I honestly can’t believe how ignorant I was at first about it. Once Dr. V and Allums were “exposed,” they felt as if they would not be accepted by others. This made me realize that Hannan was overacting on his role as a journalist. He was digging for things about others that were none of his business. Hannan could have easily written about the amazing scientific thoughts and ideas that were put into the Yar putter. Instead, he meddled in somebody’s past that never should have been exposed due to the subject’s (Dr. V’s) emotional distress.

    These articles made me think about writing in general, going back to the fact that it’s important to do your research and write in a non-offensive manner.

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