• Thoughts on Storify

    Posted on December 11th, 2013 msmith88 No comments

    As I’ve said in a previous post, I’m using Storify as my scholarly webtext platform. I just finished my rough draft for class. So far, I really think that my project has come a long way. My only concern is that it might be too lengthy. Hopefully, I’ll get some helpful feedback in class today so that I can effectively edit my work.

    Overall, I’m really happy that I chose to use Storify. I combine my text with articles, images, and videos. All of these sources definitely add something to my scholarly webext. I want to share a small excerpt from my rough draft that explains why Facebook is relaxing its privacy settings for teens. Also, it calls the site the “Mom Jeans” of social media:

    “Recently, Facebook has decided to “relax its rules” for teens since it’s becoming a non-hip social media site. Let’s be real, teens probably don’t want to see mom and grandma’s status updates… In the past, Facebook was very popular among teens because it allowed them to connect with one another through wall posts, status updates, and direct messages. Now that older users are joining the social media site, it has become much less appealing for teens to use. I can sympathize with this; I finally accepted my mom’s friend request after it lingered in my inbox for three months.”