• Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

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    For our Scholarly Webtext, we had to come to class with four different webtext citations. An article I used is titled Teens, Social Media, and Privacy. Here is the link to the article:


    I read through the article and took out some main points. A lot of the information was very useful for my overall topic regarding privacy issues for teens who use social media sites.

    Here is a little synopsis I wrote about the article:

    Teens do not seem to take much consideration into managing their privacy settings on social media sites. According to the article, “just 9% [of teens] say they are ‘very’ concerned” when it comes to third-parties accessing their data. These third parties include advertisers, businesses, and potential employers. The data and percentages included in the article clearly show an increase in teens that share information through their social media profiles. Is this increase a result of privacy settings being too difficult to use or is it because teens are just too naïve to use them? This article gives enough statistical information to think about exactly why teens may be disregarding privacy settings on social media websites and sharing more personal information with the public.

    I think that this article really makes great points about teens on social media websites. Why are so many more teens okay with the fact that complete strangers could have access to their information if they don’t have proper privacy settings? This is a question that I want to look into as I continue my research.

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